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10 | 05 | 2023

Art Foundation Pax Cube II

monday – friday | 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
free admission
Pax Foyer, Aeschenplatz, Basel

Jubilee! This year we continue to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Art Foundation Pax and keep on the presentation of our own collection with the Cube II. Outside and inside, the current Cube is dedicated to the artist Simone C Niquille and her video work «Homeschool».

Swiss-born, Dutch-based artist Simone C Niquille (*1987, Zug) was awarded one of the two Pax Art Awards in 2020, which is presented to young, up-and-coming media artists.

In her artistic practice, Simone C Niquille (*1987), playfully and critically explores how digital appliances influence the shape of our daily lives. Through technical video documentation, design and architectural advertising materials, Niquille addresses – always somewhat tongue in cheek – how this data is processed and used to inform the artificial intelligence of everyday life.

In «Homeschool» (2019), Simone C Niquille explores computer vision and the challenge of training an AI to recognise and comprehend objects in a domestic environment. The video shows the language, colour gradients and visual filters used to train such algorithms, while raising questions about categorisation, cultural bias and the exactitude of defining objects by a set of functions.

01 | 04 | – 21 | 05 | 23

Pe Lang, Johanna Bruckner, Jennifer Merlyn Scherler – Swiss Media Art –
Pax Art Awards 2022

Guided Tours
HEK Basel

The exhibition Pe Lang, Johanna Bruckner, Jennifer Merlyn Scherler. Swiss Media Art – Pax Art Awards 2022 offers an array of works by the prizewinning artists in three parallel solo exhibitions. The main prize-winner Pe Lang’s impressive kinetic installations never fail to enchant viewers, as they openly reveal their mechanics to remarkable magical and poetic effect. The two emerging artists Johanna Bruckner and Jennifer Merlyn Scherler premiere their new video installations. While Bruckner stages her reflections on the fluidity of gender in moving images, Scherler playfully analyses representations of identity and self in popular culture and social networks.


Public Guided Tours
Every Sunday at 15:00 the HEK offer a discursive guided tour in German. Please note the exhibition dates.


Kuratoren- Guided Tour
Sun, 23.04.2023, 3 – 4p.m. / Language: German 

The guided tour with the curator of HEK, Boris Magrini, provides a rare opportunity to receive a thorough conceptual and technical insight to the exhibited works as well as artistic and curatorial decisions.

Participation in the guided tour is included in the exhibition admission fee and does not require advance booking.


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