Exhibition 2024

The exhibition UBERMORGEN, Johanna Müller, Giulia Essyad. Swiss Media Art – Pax Art Awards 2023 presents a carefully curated selection of works by the award-winning artists in three parallel solo exhibitions at HEK Basel from 13.01.–10.03.2024. The focus is on the presentation of new works that have been created for the context of the exhibition and with the support of the prize money of the Pax Art Awards. The three artistic positions offer a diverse spatial and sensory experience, from interactive and web-based works to video installations and expansive sculptures.
The artist duo UBERMORGEN, main prize winners of the Pax Art Awards 2023, are known for their pioneering work in the field of net art since the 1990s. Their works, which range from conceptual to activist approaches, are characterised by their social and system-critical perspective.

Johanna Müller and Giulia Essyad, whose works explore the mechanisms of platform capitalism on the internet, were also honoured. Their works, which range from the algorithmic control of content to the depths of internet subculture, bring the hidden corners of the web into the exhibition space.