07 | 11 | 23

IG Take Over Projekt – Jennifer Merlyn Scherler

07|11 – 17|11|2023
Instagramcannel Art Foundation Pax

Jennifer Merlyn Scherler takes over the Instagram channel of the Art Foundation Pax for two weeks. With 6 posts them will go online. We are looking forward to the project and are excited to see what we will see on our channel. Take a look!

Jennifer Merlyn Scherler received the 2022 Pax Art Award for young & up-and-coming media artists.

J.M. Scherler’s work explores matters of intimacy, identity, gender, self-representation and nostalgia through video, performance, sound, photography and poetic textual works. Scherler work references internet culture and encompasses various media and formats, ranging from lecture performances to videos and installations. In they visual language she uses fantasy worlds, pop cultural references, found footage and content from the internet, which they combines with personal reflections and text fragments.